Why am I doing this? It combines two passions of mine: digital marketing and filmmaking.

There is a dearth of formal information out there that can truly empower filmmakers to make their own digital marketing strategies. Sure there are a few articles out there and you can go in and tinker with it yourself but how will you know what exactly it is that you need. I am aiming to uncover the nuts and bolts on digital marketing and show exactly how it can apply to independent filmmakers.

Every day I will write an article about either:

  1. A marketing tactic and how you can apply it to your own film (SEO, social media, content marketing, mobile marketing, paid advertising, crowdfunding and anything that comes under the realm of digital marketing)
  2. A case study on a successful indie-film online campaign
  3. News on a new marketing technology or tactic and how it can be used in the film industry
  4. Interview with a filmmaker or digital marketing manager for a film and what their process was like
  5. Misc. articles: if X historical film had a digital marketing tactic and how it would look-The Godfather targeting people from the south etc.
  6. Ask and answer: You ask the question and I will give a long answer to your question that dives deep into the digital marketing world.

By creating this blog, I hope to change the way filmmakers see digital marketing and realize how powerful it can be for their final product if done correctly instead of in a haphazard way.