Sorry I may have misled you with the post title. I’m not gonna list out 1,000 reasons because that would be ridonkulous. However, as of writing this, Facebook currently has 2.23 Billion monthly active users. That’s about a third of the world’s population.

Let’s be honest, if you’ve worked hard on your film and have a concrete vision for it, there’s a high chance you should be able to get at least 1,000 of those billions of individuals on board with your idea. That isn’t even a thousandth of a percent of total users on the platform. But you get those 1,000 and all of a sudden you’ve got something solid to work with. Let’s burn through some of these benefits real fast because, as I can probably guess, you are already salivating at the thought of having 1,000 fans.  


As I noted before, with all those fine folks on the social network, you should be able to get a decent following. When people complain they are not getting any followers, most of the time it is because they just aren’t doing it right, don’t have a passion for their project, or just aren’t being patient enough. Getting that level of exposure can take time and the right strategy. Exactly who do you want to target your film towards? Knowing that persona will help you target the right people who will give you the right kind of exposure.

Leads, Leads, Leads

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Remember when we talked about how to demystify email marketing? This is it right here baby. 1,000 people following you means you now have that valuable Facebook page real estate to drop a line on those folks. Give them an easy way to sign up via social media. Plus you can give them a free perk for just signing up…maybe it’s that one outtake reel that you never showed anyone. Instead of showing just your friends, shoot it out to your fans so they can get a behind the scenes look at all your hard work.

Low-Cost Marketing

Gone are the days of having to drop an ad in Variety so that one specific producer might get interested in following up on your film. That was very costly and you couldn’t really figure out whether he found out about it without him directly communicating with you. Now you can target that same producer (or type of producer) because he’s most likely on Facebook. Just go to the ads section of your page and filter down to exactly who you want to get in front of. Set a budget and boom, you’ll be in their feed in no time.

Analyze This

As noted in the previous tip, dropping an ad in Variety never gave you real-time data on how your ad performed. With Facebook Insights, on the other hand, you can get a wealth of knowledge through the platform’s powerful analytics dashboards. Search for which posts are performing the best and then optimize that kind of content to get an even better user experience for your target audience.

Drive that Traffic

You’ve created your site and you’ve created your Facebook page. Now it is time to connect the two. One way of doing this would be to post linked content that takes people straight to your website’s page.

Screenshot 2018-07-31 15.06.03.png

If you look closely, you’ll see that the ad is actually a link that will take my page visitor to the film’s website. It’s a little sneaky but hey, whatever gets them to the site to check out more content from the film. Afterward, use a Facebook Pixel to track their behavior on your website in Google Analytics.

SEO and Google Page Search

A follow up of the previous tip, posting links on your Facebook page to your site drives up that off-page SEO that can then spill over into traffic for your site. When this site traffic starts to rise, so will your page ranking on Google search. Plus your Facebook page might also show up on the first page which is never a bad thing. Two results on the top ten page for your short film? Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all my friend.

Spy on other Films in the Same Genre


Ok so we are not exactly “spying” here but we are using Facebook to gather competitive data intelligently. If you click on the “Pages to Watch” section in the “Page Overview” portion of your “Insights” page, you’ll find some nice competitor information like page likes, percentage page likes increased or decreased, and number of engagements this week. Root around in this and try to uncover how your genre competitors are using Facebook to get their results. Who knows, you might learn something about your audience and start posting to optimize for it.

I understand this is a lot but remember, it is only the beginning and just how creative you are will determine how successful you are on Facebook-last time I checked there was no limit to creativity-we are storytellers for Pete’s sake!

Remember to keep your head down and use these tips to get those first 1,000 followers. Try to experiment with business pages and a whole new world can open up for your film that you might never have thought existed before.