Welcome folks! I hope you’ve had fun checking out what the blog has to offer so far. In this new column, I’d like to review some tools that will serve to make the whole online marketing process easier for you (if you’re going it alone) and your entire team.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into it with our first tool of this series: Constant Contact.


What Is It?

So you’ve managed to get those first 1,000 followers and now you need a way to directly communicate with them.

Constant Contact helps you do exactly this by providing you with email campaign templates and blast functionalities to send out messages to each of those followers (provided, of course, that you have given them permission to do this).

Constant Contact is mainly used for small businesses which is one of the reasons why it is a wonderful email option for independent filmmakers and web series creators.

The basic plan is $20 a month for an account with 0 to 500 contacts and goes up as you drive up the number of contacts you have for up to 25,000 contacts.

Honestly, if you have that many people on your contact list, I’m not exactly sure what are you doing on this blog in the first place. You should be preparing for your panel at Sundance!


You can get a 60 day free trial (at the time of writing this in August 2018) which just might be enough time for your entire campaign.

How Can It Help You?

Imagine, you used to give folks fliers to your comedy web series on the subway. Now you can send fans behind the scenes photos that land in the space right above last month’s phone bill.

The core setup selection screen is quite user-friendly if you aren’t used to email marketing interfaces.


You can click on the template selection screen and start building out the template you want to use. The great thing about Constant Contact is that they have a lot of templates you can choose from.

I would suggest using one that will fit your needs of the campaign, whether it is just a welcome email, thank you letter, or special invitation to your premiere.  

The interface for building the emails themselves is relatively simple. There is a structure that is already set up for you so now it is really just a click and drag situation after that.

The unfortunate part is that you can’t really send built-in videos in your email because some internet providers block video attachments (since they can be used to spread viruses).

Instead, you can insert a clickable image link to your trailer on Vimeo or YouTube and add a “play” button. It’s not ideal but it gets the job done if you teased it on your social media page.  


Another cool thing is a built-in measurement tracker that lets you figure out open, click, and bounce rates. This can be helpful if you don’t really have time to figure out the metrics through Google Analytics.




Key Takeaways:

*Super user-friendly

*A ton of templates to match your campaign goals

*Built-in email campaign measurement

*FREE for 60 days (at the time of writing this)

*No built-in video but you can insert clickable image links.


So that’s about it for Constant Contact. Check back in next week when we’ll be reviewing another tool for your film’s digital marketing campaign.