Why is it that filmmakers can’t get a hold of the digital marketing game properly?

To be honest, if every independent filmmaker or web series creator on the planet was a master at content marketing, then the search indexes would be inundated with incredible content.

Filmmakers are actually built for this new Google Rankbrain methodology of search engine results and rankings.


Unfortunately, although we know how to create the content that actually matters, for some reason, we still freeze up when it comes to coming up with incredible marketing ideas.

And it really doesn’t have to be this way.

If you were as creative with your website’s content marketing as you are with your storytelling, you’d be generating an unreal amount of traffic to your site.

And I think I know the problem. Deep down we tend to be selfish and keep to ourselves because our art is our baby and we need to shun it from the harsh criticism of the world.

But what if we took a step back and relaxed for a moment? How many people would we actually benefit from sharing our content with? How many lives could we change by getting it out there for all the world to see?

I took a leap on video with my own website and saw how quickly I ended up rocketing to the first page on Google.

Unlike your creative writing teachers, Google will reward you simply by existing and leaving your hard work out there for all to see. Neil Patel even spoke about why he was investing so many dollar signs into video in 2018.

I’m telling you folks, now is the time to get your stock and trade out there. Google is rewarding quality content and consistent quality video posting, especially with smartphones affecting search patterns.

But then again, I understand the need to start out slow and then pick up the pace. You can’t just start bombarding your site with content that isn’t exactly planned.

You’ll definitely want to make use of an editorial calendar and plan out ahead of time what you need to post and why you are posting it at that specific moment.

So let’s start slowly and come up with a rough draft of your website content campaign.


Writing makes up the bulk majority of this blog and is a great place to start out with your website content initiatives.

What kind of writing can you publish that pertains to your film or web series? You can probably start with some basic journals and updates.

Diary entries about the daily on-set experiences are a great way to add content to your website while giving fans a deeper look at your process.

Perhaps you can have different members of your crew write up entries and then link back to their own personal sites to further drive your webpage search ranking even higher.


Add in storyboards, set pictures, behind-the-scenes shots, actor headshots, and anything else that you think might exist in the world of the film or on set.

Captions underneath the images with links to other sites on the site or to other websites will further help to get the word out on Google search.


Like I stated earlier, I saw incredible uplift on my own website when I began to prioritize video.

I was using headshots and prioritizing article writing content until a producer told me she wanted to see an actor “act” when she got to their page if she was considering them for a role.

I took the advice to heart and saw my page boost up into the top three of Google search rankings.

So what are some ideas you can use?

The obvious one is adding a trailer to your home page. Some other content could include behind-the-scenes videos, blooper reels, cast and crew interviews, and on and on. Really the possibilities are endless.

Other Options

Now I say other options but what I really mean is “use your creativity”.

One example would be to include a pop up when someone arrives at your site. If they input their email, you can give them access to your storyboard or the entire script of the film.

Or perhaps you give them the password to a protected video on Vimeo or YouTube.

These are just two examples but, again, the possibilities are endless and it really is up to you and how you decide to navigate your on-page website tactics.

One Last Thing

Don’t forget to measure any of this through Google Analytics. Tracking your content can give you a frame of what works and what doesn’t.

If your fans don’t care to see how the sausage is made, they might prefer to only see your trailers. On the other hand, you might be targeting potential investors or distributors that would be interested in seeing progress updates of your film. In this case, behind-the-scenes pictures and videos would be great to highlight.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to take a peek into your analytics traffic to really get a sense of how things are going.

So a few things: Be creative with how you develop your website, take advantage of yourself as a video creator and measure what you do. Stick to these three principles and you’ll be seeing your film on the first page of the Google results in no time at all.