So I had my usual digital marketing tip to give out today but really, Raindance’s Low Budget Filmmaking post got me inspired to write this one. Who honestly would have realized Eraserhead was made for roughly $10,000?

While the big studios and networks are out there spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to measure how well their ad spend is doing, you most likely don’t have this kind of cash.

And most of the time that cash is used so studio marketing managers can make sure their bosses rest easy at night knowing the “numbers are lining up alright” (not a quote from anyone in particular just something my old bosses used to tell me all the time).

Now, if we go back to our analogy of looking at your film as a product, you will see that yes, you have a persona who will go and watch this film. It is something that people will want to buy whether you self-distribute on Amazon or raise funds on Seed and Spark or Patreon.

But how do you get the word out to them without spending a dime?

Leverage Pre-Existing Networks


And what are the networks? Well, you probably have some popped up in your tabs right now. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Reddit
  2. Quora
  3. Forums
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook Groups

Once you’ve identified exactly where your main audience is lurking, it’s time to pull them out of hiding and get them to start sharing. Word of mouth is an incredibly valuable asset to have in spades. Don’t just take my word for it, Malcolm Gladwell has said it many times.

And how do you get them to start sharing?

Well, this is up to you and how you can creatively do this. One idea would be to peak their interest by showing them a snippet of your trailer. Then, you can have them sign up to your email list in order to get the rest of the trailer.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your message is consistent on all platforms while you share your material across as many platforms as possible. This will get the link juice flowing on your content and your SEO ranking up.

Influencer Outreach


Reaching out to people of influence in your film’s niche isn’t just a great way to get your content crowdfunded. It is also a huge part of getting the word out for your film online.

One way of doing this is to get active online. Communicate with influencers wherever they are active and ask them for a review of your film (only publish it if it is a strong one) or maybe just a special shoutout. You never know who will get back to you and this kind of strategy has been known to make huge returns.

What other no-budget marketing techniques and tactics can you think of? Drop a line in the comments below!